The ISE at the University of Warsaw

Dear International Student,

We invite you to answer some questions about your experiences in the University of Warsaw and in Poland. 

Start the survey HERE.

The survey takes 20-25 minutes to complete. After accessing the survey, the system will record your responses for 7 days so that you may continue answering the questions you have not answered yet. Simply click on the survey link again at any convenient time. Please be assured that the survey is anonymous and your responses will be kept completely confidential. Should you have any questions concerning our research, please feel free to contact us by e-mail

Share your story with us!

Besides the survey, it is important that we learn about your personal experience in the University of Warsaw and Poland. To share your story in English or Polish, please arrange an online interview or drop us a line at 

The International Student Experience (ISE) Project

An international team of scholars from 20+ universities and business schools in Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada, and Mexico has been collecting data on the experiences of international students. Our Alma Mater, the University of Warsaw, is proud to be a founding member of the ISE Project. Research in our university is conducted by Dr Michał Wilczewski (University of Warsaw). It is supported by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange grant „Exploring international students’ experiences across European and non-European contexts” [PPN/BEK/2019/1/00448/U/00001] to Dr Michal Wilczewski.

Find out more about The ISE Project.